Toyota Hr Practices

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Toyota is one of the world’s biggest automobile companies, which is selling more than 9 million models in all over the world. In 2010, Toyota employed 300,734 people worldwide. A top 10 Fortune Global 500 enterprises, Toyota ranks among the world’s leading international corporations. Toyota is very much proud to be the most admired automaker; an achievement the company believes stems from its dedication to customer satisfaction. Toyota has been shaped by a set of principles and values that have in the roots of the company. Toyota is a leading Japanese automobile company, with sales operations carried out all five continents and with over 9 million cars sold in the year 2006. It also has itself listed within the top 10 companies according to the fortune 500 companies. Mr. Kiichiro Toyoda laid the foundations of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), which was established in 1937. Toyota first operations started in Denmark, and since then there has been no looking back for Toyota. Toyota believes in the policy of localization. This policy means that Toyota produces their automobiles within the area in which they are sold. Toyota believes that this policy will help better understanding the needs of different community groups. Toyota became the no.1 automaker in the year 2007. They overtook GM, who was previously at the top. The reason behind this is the fuel-efficiency and economical cost. Toyota cars are not only reliable, but also user friendly. GM has had to lay back its employees and cut down operations, where as Toyota is expanding its teams and increasing production rapidly Grace, F., 2007) Toyota has also proved itself as a leader in technology by the introduction their hybrid car, Prius. This car was established as one of the most popular hybrid cars. However, looking at the current scenario, Toyota is facing problems with the 2010 model of the Prius. Estimations say that Toyota has called back around 8 million cars due to technical faults in these cars, some of the major problems dealing with their brakes. Toyota in the current market of today is facing tough competition from car manufacturers such as GM and Ford. Toyotas sales fell by 16% in January 2010 while the sales of GM increased by 14% while Ford’s share grew by 25 %. (7DAYS newspaper, 2010) In sum, the motivation of Toyota is always inclined at lowering costs while strengthening the competitive advantage through quality enhancement. Recruitment and selection of new employees

Toyota management knows that their success and survival totally depends upon the quality of their employees that is why the role of HR department becomes very vital and essential, because the success of Toyota is based on the selection of skilled and able employees. So, in the very competitive auto market recruitment and selection process should be complete. Employee’s recruitment process includes the following steps. Step: 1 complete on-line application

You can apply for a post in Toyota by filling the complete online application form. All the application form must be submitted before the due date. Step: 2On-line assessments
If your application is successful after screening, then you will be invited through email to complete an on-line test session. This will be consisted of two tests. The test session will be approximately an hour to complete. You will receive full instructions and example questions before each test. Step: 3 Assessment centre at Toyota

If you have successfully completed the aptitude tests then you will be invited via email to participate in an Assessment centre at Toyota, where you will participate in several individual and group challenges and activities to evaluate how good you are against the basic Toyota competency structure. Step: 4Final Interview

This is the last stage of evaluation. You will be interviewed by a group of experienced members who will use an objective competency structure to judge if...
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