Toyota Goes Green

Topics: Internal combustion engine, General Motors, Plug-in hybrid Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: September 8, 2008
With the high costs of fuel and the environment dwindling. Companies have started going green to help reduce cost and find alternative to the natural burdens of the economy by using eco friendly services and products.

Car companies like Toyota have gone green to look for another alternative to rising fuel prices and better gas mileage. With their introduction of the Prius, Toyota has become the world’s leading car manufacturer. The Prius also helps out by being environmentally friendly.

Hybrid cars like the Prius are designed with an electric motor that is mixed with a gasoline engine that lets drivers get above average gas mileage. “Existing models get 47 to 60 miles per gallon, depending on where you're driving. Toyota claims you can drive its 2004 Prius from Detroit to Washington on a single tank of gas “(U.S.A Today, 2007) Toyota has not only made cars to prove that they are going green but they also incorporate ways to save money and save the environment. In an article in the Times magazine it states “What matters more than one car model,” says the article, “is the efficiency Toyota brings to all aspects of its business... a corporate philosophy that strives to exterminate waste”. Toyota can use a single production line to make several car types, which means it has cut energy use by 30 per cent since 2000.”(Times, Jan 11)

Toyota has made a huge financial impact by choosing to design and sell economic friendly products. “In Toyota's case, "green" also refers to the color of cash; this month the carmaker announced that between December, 1997, and May, 2007, it sold more than 1 million hybrid cars worldwide.”(Janna, R)

The auto industry has made a major impact by producing these hybrids. Toyota is not the only maker of hybrids like the Prius. Honda started the craze by being the first car company to produce the Hybrid vehicle which was called the Honda Insight. The Honda Insight was introduced in 1999 and provided lower gas emissions. Soon...
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