Toyota Camry Hybrid and Sedan Difference

Topics: Adverbial clause, Global warming, Carbon dioxide Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: May 2, 2013
An adverb clause is a dependant clause that functions as an adverb. They have several types like time, place, purpose, contrast, concession, etc. The question is answered in adverb clauses. A Time clause defines "when”, for example,” 1 (As soon as a teacher comes), he begins to read his book.” A place clause defines "where", for example, " 2 (Wherever you go), AT&T network follows." A purpose clause answers the question “For what intension?” For example, "I bought an apple phone 3 (so that I could learn more)." A contrast clauses of direct opposition show how one thing differs from another. For example, “4 (While components in Camry sedan do not have efficiency,) it is a necessity in Camry hybrid. A Concession explains "under what conditions", for example, "5 (Although I had six pack abs,) girls disliked me."

Adverb clause is a dependant clause which functions as an adverb . They have different types like time, place,cause, purpose, concession, etc. The question is answered in adverb clauses. Time defines "when" , for example , " 1 (After the rice is cooked), it is ready to eat." Place defines "where", for example, " 2(Wherever I go), I carry my mobile along with me." Cause defines "what caused this" , for example, ( She cannot play table tennis 3 (because she broke her wrist.)" Purpose defines the reason behind the cause, for example, "I took an English course 4 ( so that i could speak better.)" Concession explains "under what conditions", for example, " 5( Although I have wealth)  , I'm not happy."

NASA is the agency of the US government 1 (that is responsible for the nation's civilian's space program and for aeronautics and aerospace research). 2 (What the NASA) reported about Global warming was correct. Some people believed 3 (that pollution is responsible for global warming). Other people understood 4 (that increase population is responsible for Global warming). I am agreed 5 (that carbon dioxide and increased use of fossil fuel are responsible...
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