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Report of Toyota
Toyota is one of the most known car company that spreads on over the world. The company has been established for over 50 years in Australia; Toyota has grown to be one of Australia's leading automotive companies. From estimation and analyse of the company situation then compare to the Australia motor vehicle industry so that assists supporting for the market planning within the company. The analysis of Toyota Company consists of 4 factor; those are company analysis, market analysis, environment analysis and competitive analysis. In addition, these factors have significances that impacts directly and indirectly on Toyota. Company analysis

The company has sales and distribution branches in mainland Australian states, except Western Australia, where an independent company distributes Toyota and Lexus branded vehicles on Toyota Australia's behalf. Toyota Australia is a leading manufacturer, distributor and exporter of vehicles, with a market share of 18 precent as at the end of the 2011 calendar year. The Sydney City Toyota/Sydney City Lexus dealership is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota Australia. More than half of the Camry and A aurion vehicles manufactured at the company's plant in Altona are exported overseas - to 13 markets in the Middle East, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands Market analysis

Environment analysis
The first clue that the Volt was a landmark vehicle was the peering over the fence by rival Toyota Competitive analysis




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