Toyota's Green Efforts

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Toyota's Green Efforts|
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A short essay showing Toyota's efforts to revolutionize the consumer auto market with cleaner vehicles.| |

Engines, gasoline, and emissions. All of these terms have to do with automobiles since their invention and introduction to the public. It has undoubtedly been one of the biggest contributors to the overall global economy. Sadly, it has also become one of the biggest burdens to our current society and one of the biggest contributors to the degeneration of our environment. The list of emissions from most modern vehicles includes known harmful chemicals and toxins such as carbon monoxide, sulfur oxide, hydrocarbons, etc. All of these chemicals have been proven to contribute to the level of overall carbon emissions, specifically contributing about 28 percent of all green house emissions (figure 1). Figure 1

This increasing problem has not only taken a environmental toll but an economical one as well. Entire cities have been enveloped with smog, a mixture of toxic gasses caused by the level of carbon emissions, especially industrially developed countries (Figure 2). This has affected overall production, sales and efficiency of factories due to the level of control that the government is now implementing on automobile emissions. Some automobile companies have welcomed this change and have embraced it as an opportunity to contribute to a lower carbon emission index from our vehicles. Thankfully Toyota, one of the biggest manufactures of cars, has taken on this challenge. Toyota has decided to be one of the pioneers of what now many are calling a Hybrid automobiles revolution. Researching and developing these new types of cars has became a priority for Toyota during the beginning of 1993 knowing that a lower emission rate would sooner or later become a requirement worldwide. Concerns of the future of the automobile industry rose. With this knowledge Toyota marketed their prius as a technologically advanced car that saved its consumers a significant amount of money on gas. They wanted the public to know that this would be the future of automobiles. Initial marketing was vast and abundant knowing that market penetration would be minimal at first but would increase through the years as pollution awareness grew. Currently, the prius is the most popular hybrid on the market and has set what many consider to be an industry standard when it comes to hybrids. Toyota's future plans are to develop better hybrids and ultimately mass produce an all-electric automobile. Figure 2

Toyota realized that the market for a cleaner vehicle was virtually nonexistent. According to the EPA, During the late 1970s and early 1980s there were significant advances in vehicles and fuel technology which in turn led to 75 percent lower emissions per mile. Figure 1 represents the overall CO2 emissions per capita which shows the reduction in emissions because of technological advances. However, during the mid 1990s an increase in regulation of emissions from cars started to squeeze the car companies into furthering advance the technology in cars to lower emissions. Toyota immediately decided to jump on this possible opportunity. Toyota realized that there were no significant advances for the consumption of fuel in the near future. The minds of Toyota then figured if they couldn't come up with a way to consume fuel more efficiently why not use less of it? The idea of mass producing a vehicle that uses significantly less fuel became the best option. Therefore Toyota decided to explore technology that was most readily available, hybrid technology. After designing and developing the new prius Toyota ran into many issues with the electrical components of the car. After a about a little over 2 years of development the Toyota prius was released in the Japanese market. The Japanese market responded very well to the introduction of the prius making it one of a...
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