Toyota’s Team Culture

Topics: Car dealership, Team, Problem solving Pages: 1 (403 words) Published: April 22, 2013
From the case, we can know that Toyota has a proudly promotion. This firm is successful because of its team-oriented culture. Considered as one of the main values, access to trust, continuous improvement, long-term thinking, standardisation, innovation and problem solving, teamwork plays a big role in this company. According to Toyota, every employee know that “All of us are smarter than any of us”, which shows promotion not only in the process of it, but at every level and in every function such as sales and marketing, finance, engineering, design and the executive level. People can even say that Toyota cannot achieve the success nowadays without the promotion of teamwork. When talking about working, the first issue that should be known is the team composition. Team composition includes several factors which are variable, for example, the way that the team should be staffed, the ability and personality of team members, allocation of roles and diversity, size of the team and members’ preference for teamwork. Toyota‘s value statement mentioned something about team members’ duty of ensuring the firm’s success, honest communication, idea sharing and the ability of understanding, which is very suitable to be a member of the team. Regarded as heroes by its CEO from Toyota in USA, every worker should have a strong sense of love of their jobs. Facing up with the recession that the quarterly loss of the firm, the company decided to cut the pay by 10 percent to avoid employee layoffs, which in my opinion is not wise. Climate of trust will be influenced to a bad way according to this method of problem solving, because team members will take risks and expose vulnerabilities when they trust each other, but under the situation mentioned, teamwork trust and culture can be reduced. Pay cutting can cause of lack of preference of work to some extent as well. DCH group, which is a company comprised of 33 car dealerships, decided to use the culture of Toyota especially on...
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