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There comes a time in everyone’s life where they have to give something up that they don’t want to, at least that was the case several times for me when growing up. The one time in particular that I remember the most was when I chose to attend the University of Tennessee over playing college baseball for a small NAIA school so I could focus on starting up my sports journalism career. I never thought the day would ever come where I would never be playing organized baseball again. My childhood dreams after all were to one day make it to the Major Leagues.

With that being said the closing scene in Toy Story 3 (Lee Unkrich, 2010) was a bit of an emotional tearjerker that I think the audience can really relate to. Andy is on his way off to college and he makes a difficult decision to give away his toys to a little girl in the neighborhood named Bonnie, who he believes will take great care of his collection that means a lot to him. The separation of him and his toys that he grew up with and had so much fun with evokes a sense of sadness that results of being separated with something he loved so much. In the clip there are many ways in which these emotions are evoked. Three of those ways are through Mise-En-Scene, sound, and cinematography.

The first example from the film clip where I felt a sense of sadness and separation withdrawals was when Andy had thought he had cleared all the toys from his box but the little girl found Woody in it and insisted on having the cowboy. In this instance he realizes that he is practically letting go of his best friend and hesitates in letting go of him. He realizes he is not a little kid anymore and that the girl is better off with keeping him.

Mise-En-Scene plays a role in the way the emotions are evoked in this scene mainly through figure expressions and movements. When Bonnie walks over and peers down into the box she says “My cowboy”. Thinking the box was empty and that he had kept Woody back at home Andy acts very...
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