Toy Story

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  • Published : November 13, 2005
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Toy Story's plot revolves around the little boy named Andy and his toys that magically come to life when he's not around. The leader of the toys, Woody, is an old cowboy doll with a pull-string in his back. He keeps all the other toys in line. This position of authority also places him in the position of leadership over all the other toys. Woody's position as Top Toy is threatened with the arrival of Andy's birthday, which brings with it a bright, shiny newcomer: a flashy, hi-tech action figure named Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger. Unlike the traditional toys, Buzz comes complete with a fully detailed back story and identity, carefully spelled out on the back of his box. With this evidence to back him up, Buzz refuses to believe that he is merely a toy - to him, he's the genuine article. What's more, Buzz's forthright personality and action-packed features impress not only Andy, but the other toys as well. It's not long before Buzz has quite unintentionally usurped Woody's honored place up on Andy's bed. In anguish, Woody struggles with his conscience - can he somehow get rid of his rival? As an indirect result of his schemes to regain Andy's affections, both Woody and Buzz become lost at a gas station miles from home when Woody accidentally pushes Buzz out the window of Andy‘s room.. They make a wild trek back to the safety of Andy's neighborhood, but just as they reach their goal, they get themselves captured by the evil next-door neighbor, Sid.

Sid is the terror of the toy world. Sid is a malicious torturer of all types of playthings. He's distracted from melting Woody and Buzz, to escape their fate, Buzz and Woody must somehow work out their differences and act as a team.

Toy Story was released by Disney and Pixar in November of 1995.
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