Toy Assignment: Barbie Doll

Topics: Mattel, Fashion doll, Barbie Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: December 8, 2011
Toy Assignment

The Barbie doll is in general is a very controversial doll but over the years specific Barbie dolls have attracted more attention and created more criticism than usual. Many people see the Barbie dolls below as negative innovations in history with very negative effects on young children. Any doll helps to promote creative thinking, role-playing, and social interactivity. It can be wonderful for a child to escape into a fantasy world, and parents can learn a lot about their child by watching, listening and playing with their child. Girls can chose to act out one or more of Barbies, what’s researched to be, 150 careers, over 200 styles of clothing and over one million pairs of shoes. Barbie has been shown with many different careers that were once said to be only acceptable for men. This lets young girls be creative and learn women can do anything men can do. Although this may seem like the perfect doll on the outside, deep within, Barbies have had some pretty bad controversies. One very well known controversy is the size of her breasts, hips, and waist. If Barbie were life-size, according to research, her measurements would be a girl with a 39” chest, 19” waist and a 36” hips. Many women feel that young girls will develop anorexia from wanting to be that doll. Barbie dolls present an unrealistic and unattainable body type. One of the reasons for eating disorders is girls trying to emulate the skinny, teeny, tiny waist that barbie dolls have. Also, these dolls tend to teach girls to judge people by clothing and appearance, but very superficial categories.  Although, on the positive side, playing with Barbie dolls can also help show good role-playing, which will help children development when they are older to make the right decision. Lastly, Barbie dolls have been seen to be these racist and sexist toys to many critics, but one real idea Barbie tells is to be creative. Her saying “be who you want to be” shows many young girls that you can be...
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