Toxicology Paper on Mathew Selavka

Topics: Forensic toxicology, Forensic science, United States Army Pages: 4 (1256 words) Published: November 20, 2011
Speaker Paper (Dr. Carl Selavka)
Dr. Carl Matthew Selavka is one of the world renowned forensic toxicologists of today. Dr. Selavka has a strong background in biology, chemistry, and forensics, and illustrated that it would be very helpful in the field of forensic science. His background originated from Indiana University where he received his Bachelor of Arts double major in Chemistry and Forensic Science and at Northeastern University where he received a Master of Science in Forensic Chemistry in 1985 and his Doctor of Philosophy in Forensic Analytical Chemistry in 1987. Upon completing the ROTC program at Indiana, Dr. Selavka went to serve the US army. Upon serving, he attended graduate school and continued in education until he received his Doctoral at Northeastern before serving as an active duty member in the United States Army Medical Service Corps from 1987 to 1991. After serving a number of positions in the US Army medical service corps, Dr. Selavka began a career as Director of Forensic Operations at the National Medical Services, Inc. in Willow Grove, PA. One of the main duties he undertook included overseeing the Forensic Science Division of a private toxicology and criminalistics laboratory. In February 1994, Dr. Selavka was promoted to the Director of Criminalistics where he undertook the responsibility of all administrative aspects of the Criminalistics Department. During his position here, he oversaw many different cases where the quantitative and qualitative analysis of drugs found in things ranging from botanicals to IV bags was performed. In 1996, Dr. Selavka left this position to become a Director of Forensic Services at the New York State Division of Criminal Justice services in Albany, New York. In the two years he was there, he accomplished many things from directing the implementation and maintenance of the DNA databank for NY State convicted offenders to implementing centralized training for NYS forensic scientists. By the summer of...
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