Tows Matrix of Citigroup

Topics: Bank, Customer service, Social responsibility Pages: 3 (378 words) Published: October 7, 2011
TOWS Matrix

Strengths- S
1.Financial resources
2.Recognized as the world’s largest bank in terms of market capitalization 3.Broad product portfolio
4.Formulation of the Japan Desk
5.Strong market position and brand before the 2004 FSA crisis
Weaknesses- W
1.Weak internal control
2.Unclear lines of authority
3.Lack of customer care
4.Unethical governance
5.Lack of reputation with regulatory agency

Opportunities- O
1.Banks in Japan play an important role in financing and monitoring public firms
OS Strategies

(O1,S3, S5) focus on retail and commercial banks in Japan
OW Strategies

(O1,W1,W5) establish sound internal control
(O1,W2) organizational restructuring/establish fixed line of authority (O1,W3,W4) reconsider focus in corporate governance

Threats – T
1.Difficulty in earning the trust in banking and finance industry 2.Regulatory body’s concern for public interestTS Strategies

(T1, S4) establish customer service
(T1,S1) increased perceived benefit to clients
(T1,T2, S1) corporate Social Responsibility
TW Strategies

(T1,T2,W3) establish customer service in the company
(T1,W3) increased perceived benefit to clients
(T1,T2,W4) modify emphasis in corporate governance
(T2,W1,W5) establish sound internal control

1.Focus on retail and commercial banks in Japan


** reengineer their retail and commercial banks
2.Establish sound internal control


Costly to implement
** improve and substantiate their internal control mechanisms (control environment, etc) 3.Organizational restructuring/establish fixed line of authority


Costly to implement
**establish a centralized system (clear out the responsibility of one personnel from the other) 4.Reconsider focus in corporate governance

Realization of company’s current priority
Possibility that an imbalance will still occur
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