Town Tattle Newspaper (Great Gatsby)

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Jay Gatsby has been the host from the greatest and wildest parties during the summer. The parties are said to last for hours, and some of them even continue to the next days. Gatsby’s house is not under dry law, actually it is the opposite. Drinks are on the house there and there are thousands of choices. From the finest French champagne to the wildest Russian Vodka the party is always on. The mansion where it takes place is said to be the most luxurious one on the whole Long Island. Town Tattle has been talking to some of the people that went to the party, and one of the most impressive things that we heard all day, was that most of the people that were in the party were not even invited to it! To get into any of Gatsby’s parties you basically need to be fashionable or famous. The people that are actually invited are few but, and they never show their face! Town Tattle was having some difficulties when trying to find out about Jay Gatsby, so we tried to find out about the parties, and see if they could tell us something about J. Gatsby. We asked one of the people that went to the party to give us a description about it. “The party started at the lobby, where a very big fountain pouring whisky forms all sides. As the party continued the people moved on to the backyard which had about one acre. People got ‘happier’ and ‘happier’ and some of the flappers started strip teasing to the cello players of the orchestra (…). People started throwing themselves to the pool or falling roundly on the floor. Some of the people that were in the party never left it until the next day. They either slept in the garden benches or at the entrance in the fountain border. Police appeared once, for an alleged noise complains, and immediately one of Gatsby’s butlers went to the car and spoke to him, driving him immediately off the front lawn.” As we see Gatsby’s parties were extravagant and almost always uninterrupted. This is very awkward for a man that fought in the world war as a...
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