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My family network starts with my grandparents. Both sets of grandparents have passed away while I was younger. My parents relationship is strong. They have raised four children and worked and retired from two jobs each. My parents main focus is spending time with other family members from their own brother and sisters; all four of us children; and their seven grandchildren. The communication with my parents was strong up until 2004, where their was a major blow up about meeting other out of town family members who was visting and the job was not allowing that meeting to take place. From 2004 until end of 2008 their was not much communication between myself and parents. In 2009, the communication started to slowly open up, with a call here and there. At that time they were fully retired. We met up here in San Antonio for the Christmas holiday and everyone had such a great time. Since that time they have been back three times (every four months) to include the last visit this past Christmas and the family all went to Las Vegas for New Years week. This past Christmas was the first time I saw my sister, niece, and youngest brother since 2004. The family communication is stronger now but conservative. The relationships is rebonding and everyone is learning how the other has changed over time. When viewing my genogram, that is why I indicated distant and somewhat close.

In my household my relationship with my spouse is somewhat strained. It is strained do to some of her gambling habits with the filipino community into the early weekend mornings and her obsession to have every expensive item that her fellow filipino's have in their possession, which leads to her not meeting her financial responsibilities at time. We are both close to our daughter, her relationship is conflictive with the daughter often, which causes more stress in the household. I have done my best to help all to reach an understanding and to work as a unit/team. I have come to find...
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