Tower of London

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  • Published : November 20, 2010
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The Tower of London
Moonlight shines on the bank of the river reflecting the shadow of the Tower of London behind. This ancient and mysterious tower was simply something to be recognized. With its fine architect and magnificent appearance, there are many true and untrue myths that surrounded this place. The Tower of London is an important part of British history because of its location, its history, and its rumors about ghosts. The Tower of London is located east of London City. It is next to the Thames River and the Tower Bridge. Between them is an accessible walkway called Tower Wharf. When you look from this walkway, you’ll see a clear view of the Tower of London, the Thames River, and the Tower Bridge all at once. This huge tower has two walls that defended the White Tower, which is one of the famous London Towers. There are the Inner Wards, which includes 13 towers, and the Outer Walls, which is defended by the 6 towers, the river face, and the Semi-circular fortress at the northeast and northwest. Another name for the White tower is the Great Tower. In 1066 A.D., a Norman, William was the conqueror of England but he didn’t have a shelter that would protect him from the enemies. Therefore, he transported stones from France to make his castle. The Tower of London is two stories high and it is in a Romanesque style. At the top, he made little walls in order for his soldiers to hide and attack the enemies. He also had wells that are built into his castle so that in times of attack and war, they would still have water to drink. White Tower has a curved staircase and built-in latrine toilets with a hole and long tube down into the ground. Later, William decided to build a chapel room so he don’t have to leave his safe castle to attend Christian Mass anymore. However, he died before his castle was even finished. When he died, King Richard came in to take his place. As a smart man, he built another stone wall around the White house as well as a moat, which is a...
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