Tower of London

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the Tower of London held many positions and underwent numerous renovations over the centuries to mold it in to what it is today.
As a result of one of the most important events in European history the site of the Tower of London was determined by buildings along the Roman wall that were built by the Normans’ during the Norman Conquest in 1066. (Impey and Parnell 12). After William the conqueror took the thrown in 1066 he immediately started building using the Roman city wall as the eastern and southern defences for his tower. The tower was built on the banks of the Thames River, (Pickering and Husain 15). The enormous tower, which is the second largest tower known to have been built of its kind was William the conqueror’s symbol of power, a fortress for his defense and a prison for his enemies.(Impey and Parnell 16, Stalcup 4). Twenty years later the tower was almost one hundred feet high with walls that were in places, fifteen feet thick which was the frame of the chapel, apartments, crypts and guardrooms that were inside the tower This was the tallest building in London and became known as the White Tower William the Conqueror did not think the old Roman wall, a wide ditch or the Thames river was enough to protect the tower so he had a new stone wall built for more protection.(Stalcup 4). William the Conqueors’ son William Rufus succeeded him as king of England who completed the building of the White Tower in the late eleventh century. (Impey and Parnell 19).

During the 12th century the first major expansions of the White Tower were made and new buildings were built created. Though there is little written evidence that shows that William Rufus’s younger brother who took the thrown after him Henry I
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