Tower of London

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  • Published : January 17, 2013
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Tower of London
Although London has lots of tourist attractions, one of the most visited is “The tower of London”, because of its architecture, history and treasures. It was built by William the Conqueror and, in the past, has been a fortress, a palace and a prison. This amazing construction is situated on the most southerly side of London, on the north bank of the River Thames, being separated from the eastern edge of the city by an open space called “Tower Hill”. This enormous building covers an area of 18 acres within the Garden rails.

The structure of the tower has an inner and outer ward, twenty-one different towers, the Chapels of St. John and St. Peter Ad Vincula, the Queen’s House, The Waterloo Block which holds the Jewel House and many other interesting things. This construction can be divided into three parts for a more detailed description. To begin with, the central structure, The White Tower which is 27, 6 meters tall to the battlements and measures 35, 9 meters from east to west and 32, 6 meters from north to south, furthermore, the walls have a thickness of 4, 6 meters at the base and 3, 3 at the top. This building is made of Kentish rag with Caen stone only at the corners and around doors and window openings. In addition, the walls were often whitewashed for protection from the weather and visual effect, and as a result the tower obtained its name. To continue with the description of the castle, another important structure is the inner ward which was built for purpose of protection of the castle that includes thirteen towers, this are, The Lanthorn, The Salt, the Broad Arrow, the Constable, The Martin, The Brick, the Bowyer, The Flint, the Devereux, the Beauchamp, the Bell, the Bloody and the Wakefield Towers. Continuing with the description, the outer ward has been built low enough to allowed defenders on the inner ward and towers to attack the enemies pointing and shooting across the moat. It is formed by 6...
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