Towards a Sustainable Reclamation for Hk

Topics: Land reclamation, Land reclamation in Hong Kong, Praya Reclamation Scheme Pages: 13 (4502 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Towards A Sustainable Reclamation for Hong Kong
Albert Cheng Ting Ning, JP Project Manager HKSAR Highways Department Aaron Bok Kwok Ming, Chief Engineer HKSAR Highways Department Daman Lee, Director Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited
K K Yin, Director Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited
The call for sustainable development within the built environment has often been the lead priority amongst many of today’s governments’ agenda globally. Hong Kong is of no exception for this course, and has often led in many of its policies. The Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge (HZMB), being one of ten major infrastructure project announced by the Chief Executive’s Policy Address, is poised to embrace the principle of sustainability for its reclamation. The HZMB Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facility (HKBCF) will be located on an artificial island of approximately 150 hectares to be reclaimed in a sustainable manner. The methodology for both the construction of the seawall and the main reclamation area will ensure that the marine soft compressible material remains intact during the process of land formation; i.e. a fully non-dredge reclamation - the first ever method adopted in Hong Kong. No dumping of marine sediments is thus required. With this design sandfill consumption, suspended particles and marine traffic during construction can be significantly reduced. The seawall will be made up of individual circular steel cellular units and physically connected with arc units to form the peripheral retaining structure for the main reclamation. To achieve stability, ground improvement technique using stone column shall be installed to render the subsoil’s enhancement in strength parameters.

Over 60% of the main reclamation shall be filled with public fill material from various sources in Hong Kong. The rationale for this approach is to mitigate potential saturation of existing fill banks as well as re-exportation of public fill to the neighbouring Mainland areas. Liaison work between the various government agencies as well as statutory bodies is vital to achieve the balance. The team’s aim is to improvise a sustainable reclamation within the realms of Hong Kong statutory requirements and set the landmark methodology for future reclamation in the territory. This paper reflects the team’s effort in introducing the methodology, driving the approach, solving the major constraints, and arriving unanimous consensus among the various government agencies to procure a fully sustainable reclamation for Hong Kong. Introduction

A Brief Account
When the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge (HZMB) officially opens in 2016, it will represent the culmination of engineering, economic policies and strategies of the three governments of Hong Kong, China and Macao. It is an explicit commitment to the attainment of high levels cooperation within the Pearl River Delta in the 21st century. Within it, an equally arduous task is to imagine the engineering challenges ahead to make the project a reality. This essay reinforces the general approach, undertaken by the team, for a part of the HZMB which forms the first portion to be constructed in Hong Kong. Concerning issues included the need for development growth and the environment, for which the authors attempted to establish compatibility for material progress and respect for the physical environment. The first portion being the reclamation of an island to form approximately 150 hectares of land to house the boundary crossing facilities as well as infrastructure networks. In arriving this, theteam looked into the various existing methodologies, both in and outside Hong Kong, before subscribing to an option that has least impact on the environment and in a sustainable manner. As this is the first of its kind in Hong Kong, the team’s efforts included indistinguishable struggle to convince peer authorities in a professional manner. The achievements and benefits of such struggle will see the re-shaping of future...
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