Towards a Conception of Culturally Responsive Classroom Management

Topics: Culture, The Culture, Cultural anthropology Pages: 4 (1197 words) Published: October 11, 2012
"Towards a Conception of Culturally Responsive Classroom Management" Article Most classroom teachers in American are naturalized Americas, but there are almost many schools in which that is not the case. Naturalized American teachers bring the European American classroom management ways into their classrooms, because that is how they were trained, grew up, and what they perceive as the “normal”. However, teachers would be more effective, in several different realms, if they approach classroom management in a “culturally responsive” manner. In every culture, there are different ways of disciplining children (not physically). Therefore, if a teacher would follow the same disciplinary patterns in the students’ culture, he or she can achieve far more with the students. The idea of students being treated based off of his or her own culture is called “Culturally Responsive Classroom Management” (CRCM). There are five main components in the CRCM. First, the teacher must have “Recognition of One’s Own Ethnocentrism and Biases”. That means that he or she becomes aware of their own cultural or racial identity. Then, the teacher would raise awareness of cultural diversity, with their own students through activities, such as reading about different cultures. After the teacher has established the cultural awareness, the students will examine how their cultural groups influence how they act, and how other students act around them. Then, the teacher will apply the strategies they have learned from the process of the CRCM. The second requires the teacher to have “Knowledge of Students’ Cultural Backgrounds.” This means that the teacher would ask questions about each student’s values, in regards to family, education, relationships, discipline, religion, food, health, hygiene, traditions, and holidays. Having this background knowledge provides the teacher with ideas on the best ways to respond to all individualized students.

Third, the teacher develops an “Awareness of the...
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