Tow Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt by Jean Kilbourne

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  • Published : October 4, 2011
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Ahmed Geensh
Ann Mitchel
ENG 122-002
Summary/Evaluation Essay
In the article “Tow Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt” by Jean Kilbourne, which was published in 1999, describes how women are shown in today advertisements. Sex in advertising has taken a completely bizarre way to advertise about a certain product. Women are usually shown in inappropriate matter to attract consumer’s attention. Most of the advertisements today are based on pornography features. In addition, the use of sex content in advertisements has a negative impact on consumers because it shows women as a cheap tool in business. Those kinds of advertisements indicate that men are always the rulers and women are their easy target. Sexuality plays an important role in marketing and advertising today. Big companies earn millions of dollars just to publish those sexual advertisements in public places. Women are the primary target in those advertisements. Those advertisements encourage young boys to act like men the see in such advertisements violence, rape, nudity all can be observed in those advertisements. Those advertisements can be about anything such as clothing, perfumes, cigarettes, and alcohol. Kilbourne mentions three important points in her article. First of all, sex in advertising has become meaningless to advertise for a product. Advertisements show women as a sexy objects owned by handsome and rich men. Why companies use sex appeal in their advertisements to sell a product? The using of sexual and erotic content has benefit companies to attract consumer’s attention. It has become the most profitable method in marketing and advertising. The writer is completely right when she said that women are the one to blame when it comes to rape or sexual assault because of the way she dresses. Women ought to be more careful about wearing. I think sex in advertisements is affecting viewers I have divided the writer’s arguments into three main points; first why sex is used in advertisements,...
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