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Tourist Spots Argentina

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Tourist Spots Argentina

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Tourist Spots in Argentina
Tourism is one of the contributors to the improving economy of Argentina. The country is rich in natural assets and cultural offerings. In order to have a remarkable travel to this country, it is best to spend some time at the top 10 tourist spots in Argentina. Iguazu Falls

A popular natural attraction in the country, the Iguazu Falls is found at the Iguazu River. The longest drop is known as the Devil’s Throat with a height of 82 meters. The falls can be seen from Misiones province. It is near to the interesting Iguacu National Park. Los Glaciares National Park

Another attractive site to see in Argentina is the Los Glaciares National Park in the province of Santa Cruz. The total area covered by the park is 4,459 kilometers. This place features glaciers that flow to the Atlantic Ocean. Some of the attractions in the place are the Mount Fitz Roy and the Viedma Glacier. Cave of the Hands

Also known as Cueva del Manos, the Cave of the Hands is situated at Santa Cruz province. The cave has a depth of 79 feet and a width of 49 feet. The height of the site is 33 feet. Inside the cave, people can find hand paintings that depict guanacos and human beings. Las Lenas

Tourists who like skiing can visit the Las Lenas, the most popular skiing resort in the country. Situated at the western area of Mendoza Province, the elevation of the place is 11,253 feet. The skiable part of the resort begins at the altitude of 2,240 meters. Quebrada de Humahuaca

A mountain valley at the Jujuy province, Quebrada de Humahuaca has a length of 155 kilometers. One of the nice sightseeing spots in the place is the Grande River. The site has a historic value because it is the place where the Argentine War of Independence occurred. Peninsula Valdes

The Peninsula Valdes is found at the Atlantic coast in the northern part of Chubut province. Some of the species present in the peninsula are the elephant seals, the sea lions and the right whales. In addition, tourists...

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