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  • Published: January 29, 2013
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From the Editors
“Every experience is a form of exploration.” citing a sensible line from Mr.Ansel Adams. This thought wants to explain that in our every experience we discover and learn something new. Each of us wants to explore something that we didn’t encounter before that’s why we are after of travelling and adventuring different places. Exploration is so much fun! You should try exploring places, not only for you to enjoy, but also to learn from your experiences. {Table of Contents}

{Reader’s Letter}

* Tuna Festival
Tuna is a saltwater fish belongs to the Thunnini tribe in the family of Scrombidae. Philippines is one of the top producer of tuna in the world. About a third of our country’s tuna industry is getting its supply on General Santos City in Mindanao.  Thus, it was dubbed as the “Tuna Capital of the Philippines”.   But how Tuna Festival really began? According to LahingPinoy a blogger, Tuna Festival was practically started because of abundant tuna in the city, collaboration of ideas was made in order to promote its marine natural resources. In 1988, during the 30Th anniversary of the city charter, an ambitious idea was formed by the General Santos City Tourism Association (GSCTA) headed by Mrs. Liwanag Ferer. They had made a various competition related to tuna such as  cooking different menus, exhibits, and other activities wherein tuna and other marine resources was the highlights of every event, and this is the beginning of the Tuna Festival in General Santos City. It is held every month of September. Last year the festival was on its 14th year coincide with the celebration of the 44th year of General Santos City. During this festival various activities, shows, programs are being held. Generally, a parade always opens the fiesta and accompanying by the students in different levels dancing gracefully with their colorful costumes. Beauty pageants, fireworks display and culinary exhibitions are some of the joyous activity...
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