Tourist Motivation

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Tourism – An Introduction
Tourism is one of the largest & important industry which is useful for the development of a nation. It occupies 11% of the world's GDP and may create 7 million new jobs by the year 2010. $595 billion have been generated by the international tourism industry in 2000.

Indian Tourism industry
Tourism in India has grown very much during the last decades. It gives the second highest net foreign exchange earnings to our economy. Foreign tourist arrivals are at 2.64 million during 2000. Domestic tourism helps to understand various cultures and to experience national integration among the citizens Apart from the higher class people, the middle class has emerged as a powerful source for the development of domestic tourism. Around 1.50 million domestic tourists have made a trip outside their places.

Ninth five year plan
It gives importance to
* Development of infrastructure
* Development of trekking, winter sports, wildlife and beach resorts * Exploring new source markets in region and countries having cultural affinity * Environmental protection and cultural preservation of national heritage projects * Launching of national image buildings and marketing plans * Providing inexpensive accommodation in different tourist centers * Streaming of facilitation procedures at airports

* Human resource development
* Creating awareness
* Facilitating private sector participation in development of infrastructure

1. Department of Tourism (Under the Minister of Civil Aviation & tourism) It formulates and implements the polices and program for tourism development. It attracts foreign tourist by developing infrastructure, publicity and promotion, travel agencies, etc. It as 21 filed officers in India providing facilitation services. 18 officers are functions in overseas countries to attract tourist to India with Air India it makes joint promotional effects in US, UK, Europe, Australia and other countries.

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