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  • Published : April 19, 2012
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Exciting tourist destination in Indonesia Outside in Bali

Indonesia is one of states in the world that identical with interesting tourist destination. Surely, Indonesian people and tourist have already known about tourist destination that they must be visited to spend their time for holiday. Tourist destination in Indonesia can be classified in three categories; historical, culinary, and beautiful scenery.

Historical tourist destination in Indonesia can be seen in Prambanan Temple. Prambanan Temple is one of the largest Hindu temple relics in Indonesia. This temple is located in 17 km from Yokyakarta downtown. Prambanan Temple keeps many histories and legend that success makes tourist become curious. The tourist can see and follow Ramayana’s story on guard rail wall relief of main temple ( Siwa Temple ). Inside Siwa Temple keeps Roro Jonggrang statue. It’s a very beautiful statue. According to legend, Roro Jonggrang was a King’s daughter. There was Bandung Bondowoso who wanted to marry Jonggrang, but she tried to reject his request with make one requirement. Her requirement was making one thousand temples in one night. Bandung almost completed her request, but Jonggrang succeed make Bandung’s work fail. Automatically, he was angry and cursed Jonggrang into statue. All of this legend can be found in Museum building of Prambanan Temple. To see the beauty of the temple and follow the history of this temple are ways to attract tourist come to see Prambanan Temple.

Culinary tourist destination can be found in Bandung City. Bandung City is one of cities in Indonesia which has many delicious foods. There are typical foods in Bandung City ; Siomay, Colenak, Peuyeum, Batagor, and Surabi. Siomay and Batagor are very familiar foods for other countries in Indonesia. But Colenak, Peuyeum, and Surabi are just available in Bandung City. Tourist likes to try the taste of foods in Bandung city so they come there. In this city also have various foods from other foreign...
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