Tourism vs Local Society , Argumentative Essay

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Tourism Versus Local Society

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Jane Tanuwijaya
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Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia, it the largest archipelago country in the world, it is composed of approximately 17508 islands, it has 33 provinces and over than 280 millions people (Tourism in Indonesia, Wikipedia). As the fourth most populated country in the world, in 1990s Indonesia starts to develop in the tourism and service Industry (Tourism Development in Indonesia, (n.d)). Now, Indonesia has become one of the most popular tourist destination, it has a lot of natural amusements places, unique various culture, the ethnic groups, the phenomenal spiciness of food, the unique tropical weather, the historical background of the country and still so many things that attract tourist to come, especially in Bali. Tourism in Bali has many negative impacts for the local society, culture, and environment.

Tourism in Indonesia is really developing; as it now develops there are some issues and controversial problems that come up. Most of tourists are attracted with the various culture of Indonesia, now the culture and social life are slowly changing day by day because of the influence of the tourists. Bali is the most famous amongst of other tourist destination places because of the unique culture and the natural beauty it has. Nowadays the young generation in Bali fail to follow and respect the religious and ethical values in order to generate more income; prostitutions are now very common in the famous tourist places, they now also refuse to wear their own traditional cloth and tend to wear shorts and modern clothes which are forbid their culture (Tourism Development in Indonesia, (n.d)). Tourist overcrowds most of the sacred temples. Bali is also well known for its amazing traditional dance, but unfortunately there is a traditional dance of Bali that supposed to be shown only every 60 years, because it is consider as a sacred, but now it is shown in weekly basis...
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