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Malaysia tourism industry SWOT analysis
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Now a days tourism industry in malaysia had been grow alot and its become one of the majjor attraction for polititions and economist in Malaysia,as below we want analys this industry according to the SWOT analysis. Strenghts

One of the strenghts is that the most of people in malaysia understand English language so they can communicate with tourists. •Because in Malaysia there are 3 diffrent culture living together so tourists can get familiar to diffrent cultures like Indians,Local Malaysians and chinies this can be one of significant attractions for tourist whom visit Malaysia. Weaknesses

Because Malaysia is quitly consider as new arrivals to this industry maybe the requiments and services are not completly acomplished yet for that reason low quility strenghts in my view is one of the main weaknesses for examples taxi services in Malaysia there was several times that the costumers are not compeletly satisfied with this service. Opportunities

the Malaysia geographic situation is close to the country neighbours so in my view close proximitry to asian neighbours is one of theopportunities. Threats
The major thereat to the Malaysia tourism industry is the threatof new arrivals to this industry for example singapour is one of the competitors in this industry for Malaysia.

Today Malaysia is the one the country that people all over the world want to go there and see their nature, tourism in Malaysia help a lot to their economy. Analysis of the main Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats within the tourism sector.

Malaysia is an Islamic country but there are many nightclubs, bars, fashions show and also there are many beaches that people who want to bronzing can go there and enjoy their time.

Second strength that I want to mention is Malaysia is near to some countries that also have good destination attraction for instance: Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

In my opinion the main weakness of Malaysia is some part of this country is safe, clean and also with the people that familiar with other nationality, but some others do not have this good positions.

The service quality is the second weakness in Malaysia it means some taxi drivers don’t have a good and clean taxis and also some parts of the city there isn’t good with a high quality LRT.

The major opportunity of Malaysia is, the people who want to go to Malaysia can flight with the one of the cheapest airline in the world. Air Asia give chance to the tourists that want to flight to Malaysia In a good price.

Regional safety is the one of thereat that I think Malaysia tourist is face by. It means Malaysia is located in Asia pacific and is sometimes danger for Tsunami, terrorism.

Another threat is the neighbors country of Malaysia also try to improve their tourism industry like Singapore, Singapore is the major threat in this sector of Malaysia tourism.

GUYS I THINK HERE WE ARE SUPPOSE TO DISCUSS SWOT ANALYSIS FOR REDANG RESORT......NOT FOR MALAYSIA TOURISM... how tourism affects REDANG in general, because we all dont know redang, the teacher said its good for us to the tour guider we are suppose to sell Redang to the tourists...



IT solutions – Redang has upgraded its properties with technology that not only creates multipurpose, multi-functional interiors but also entertains travelers. A good example of this relates to the introduction of Microsoft Surface at Redang hotel. The new technology offers guests a virtual concierge and entertainment experience.

Redang Resort is Green Globe Certified, meaning that the staff is continually trained by local government run environment organizations. Once in a week they invite the local vendors to the hotel to display and sell their craft items. They monitor and conserve all water...
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