Tourism Problem in Australia

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Tourism planning aims at reducing damage which might be caused by tourism while ensuring maximum benefits for the socio-economic development for the nation”(Shashi Prabha Sharma, 2004)

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Module: Tourism Planning and Development

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This essay states the positives and negatives of tourism and the negative impacts that tourism has on different systems of a country such as economic, social and environment. It also focuses on the Tourism industry of Australia and the negative impact it has on the various attractions. It comprises of facts and figures from the tourism extracts of Australia. The essay explains the stages of tourism planning with its importance and function. It will enable the reader to connect the concepts of tourism of planning with the tourism impacts and how it can be beneficial for minimizing the negative impacts.

List Of Contents

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2.Damages Caused by Tourism and its Impacts
3.Tourism Impacts: Australia
4.Tourism Planning
6.Suggestions and Recommendations


As stated by _________ tourism is defined as “The temporary movement of people of people to destinations outside their normal places of work and residence, the activities undertaken during their stay in those destinations, and the facilities created to cater to their needs”. It is the business of travel with no political, ideological, geographical or cultural boundaries. As a industry it is very vast including wide array of people, activities and facilities. Although tourism is not identified as a distinctive industry but a unique grouping of industries tied together by a common denominator - the traveling public. As claimed by the World Tourism Organization (WTO) the tourism industry is currently the worlds largest industry with annual revenues exceeding 3 trillion dollars.

The tourism industry is a very old industry dating back up to Mayan period, which developed as civilizations became established and spread geographically. It mostly developed during the empire era, which started from the time of the Egyptians who had centralized government locations. As travel became common, food and lodging had to be provided which started a new wave of growth in the industry. Further the tourism industry is sub divided into various parts on the basis of the major stimuli attracting the people. The most common forms are: Medical tourism, Cultural tourism, sports tourism, eco tourism and many more. The new concept in the industry is of sustainable tourism which involves using all resources in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity. Many countries have tourism as their main economic base, i.e. they totally depend on tourism for their income. Tourism also plays the role of a major income base for many other countries around the globe. In India in the year 1989, tourism marked as the largest foreign exchange earner for the countries. Even developed nations like Canada (which derived 11% of its GDP from the tourism in the year 1989) rely heavily on tourism for their income. Other than this tourism is also one of the most labour intensive industries offering jobs to skilled and semi skilled people. It is a major source of employment for the countries having scarce natural resources which cannot support the economy.

Although tourism has been always identified as a industry for growth and development of a nation, but it has an other side also which involves the depletion and damage of the tourist places because of excess movement of travelers and many other reasons. Governments of many countries as well as social firms...
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