Tourism Planning and Development

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If I would be a part of the management group of Arroceros Forest Park, located in the heart of Manila, I would indeed cater the publicity of it. I would coordinate and deal with the media for the spreading of the park’s pictures for the public to know more about the said premise. I would make it as an area for lots of recreational activities. Since it is near the University-belt, I would initiate activities that are applicable for students. Like maybe, putting up some areas that is only for students to do their homework. An area where they can practice dances and choreographies. I would make it student friendly. Since it is located in the heart of the city, families would also be our target market. A park that would be safe for children and cosy for the elders. As part of the management, I would also make the park an animal sanctuary which it can be a mini zoo, with birds and some domestic animals. Put up some food stalls and the profit from the business will be used for future development of the site. All in all, I would make Arroceros Forest Park a place where people can relax, enjoy, and feel the freshness of green living even in the city. VISION


To be a model city forest park and oasis in the Philippines.

Partner Organizations|

Hands On Manila (HOM) partner organizations include other non-profit organizations, foundations, orphanages, schools, and government agencies that benefit from HOM’s volunteer activities.Education and Youth * Asilo de San Vicente de Paul * ATD Fourth World * Childhope Asia * Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse (CPTCSA) * DEOS Foundation * Families and Children for Empowerment and Development (FCED) * Holy Family Home * I am Ninoy * Isaac Lopez Elem. School * KaibiganErmita Outreach * KaisahangBuhay Foundation * Jesus Loves The Little Children Foundation, Inc. * Likhaan * MuseoPambata * Nueve de Febrero Elem. School * Pangarap Foundation * Plainview Elem. School * Pembo Elementary School * Service For Peace * UnangHakbang Foundation * Virlanie Foundation * YlayaBarangka Elem. School Environment and Heritage * EarthDay * EartHaven Eco-Community * Meralco Foundation Inc. * My Zoo Volunteers Group * National Historical Institute * Sagip Pasig Movement * Winner Foundation Housing and Livelihood * Asia Fair Trade Forum (AFTF) * Advocate of Philippine Fair Trade, Inc. (APFTI) * Cartwheel Foundation * Gifts and Graces * Habitat for Humanity- Philippines * Mano Amiga Health and Disability * Immaculate Conception * ISKCON * KYTHE Foundation * Pagliponng Tao- Childhouse Social Integration * Kanlunganni Maria * Tahanan Sta. Luisa * Miraculous Medal Family Center Government Partners * Department of Education and Culture * Department of Social Welfare and Development * Department of Tourism|


The availability of a master plan to guide tourism development on a course that minimized the impact of negative factors while maximizing the positive and generates a sustainable growth curve, is essential, if the contribution of tourism to national, regional, and local development goals and objectives are to be optimized. The main mission of the Master Plan for tourism development in the Philippines is to provide this course.


The extent to which there can be a commitment to expanding tourism, using increasingly scarce public sector resources, especially in light of the need to divert funds to disaster relief, will depend upon the level of investment involved, and ultimately on the extent to which this will contribute to economic, social and environmental goals and objectives.

At a national level, the main goals of tourism master plan must be to:

* optimize the contribution of tourism to economic...
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