Tourism Marketing Plan South Korea

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Executive summary
South Korea is also known as “the land of the morning calm” has so many natures best to offer its visitors. Coming from a country that has multi thousand years history would definitely create a deep desire wanting to know its story. Targeting Malaysian to South Korea would be rather an easy task due to the advantages they both have in common. Malaysia a tropical paradise is home for many hundreds colorful celebrations and festivals (About Malaysia 2012). Malaysian generally likes nature and South Korea has an upper hand with its four seasonal tours with a wonderful mountains and rivers demography. Malaysian is very well exposed with Korean exports as they have companies like Samsung, LG and Hyundai dominating the market board. The Korean dramas and the Pop industry have caught some attention to the Malaysian people. Recently, Korean rapper’s hit song “Gangnam Style’ has caught the hearts of many Malaysian (Harjani 2012). The tourism industries will not be affected any predisposition since Malaysian highly favors South Korea. There is a good bond between the two nations and with the positive attributes and similar interest Korea would definitely be a place where Malaysian would have a lovely holiday.

Table of Contents
i. Executive Summary …………………………………………………………………………………………………………i
1.0 Introduction3
1.1 Research Purpose3
2.0 Classification of Chosen Country4
2.1 Malaysia’s Segment Description4
2.1.1 Demographic Segmentation5
2.1.2 Geograpic Segmentation6
2.1.3 Psychographic Segmentation6
2.1.4 Benefit Sought7
2.1.5 Behavioral Pattern7
3.0 Tourism Marketing Campaign in South Korea8
3.1 Brief Information of Host Country-Seoul8
3.2 Attractiveness of Seoul8
4.0 Cultural Diversification9
4.1 Basic Cultural Aspects Comparison9
4.2 Hofstede’s Framework10
5.0 International Prepositions11
5.1 Country-of-Origin Effect11
5.2 Domestic Consumer Predispositions11
5.2.1 Consumer Ethnocentrism11
5.2.2 Consumer Disidentification12
5.3 Foreign Consumer Predispositions12
5.3.1 Consumer Affinity12
5.3.2 Consumer Animosity13
6.0 Current Competition and Marketing Campaigns14
6.1 Tourism Trends14
7.0 Marketing Strategies15
7.1 Positioning South Korea15
7.2 Communication Strategies16
8.0 Conclusion and Recommendations17
9.0 List of References18
10.0 Bibliography24
11.0 Appendix30

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Research Purpose

The purpose of this research project is to develop a tourism marketing plan for the targeted Malaysians to tour to Seoul in South Korea which is one of Asia’s most affluent countries (BBC 2012). South Korea’s culture and entertainment has become one of the recent ‘hit’ and it would be a worthy opportunity for Malaysians to feel and experience the genuine environment of South Korea by being there. Primarily, this proposal focuses on aspects to culture, predispositions and marketing.

2.0 Classification of Chosen Country

2.1 Malaysia’s Segment Description

The chosen target segments in Malaysia are the educated and middle upper class families or individuals. Also, travelers and living in the city. Malaysia has been among the best performing economies since after World War II by achieving an average of 7+ percent GDP growth (Hasri& Vega 2011).

2.1.1 Demographic Segmentation

Table 1 :
(Adapted from: Central Intelligence Agency 2012; Department Statistic of Malaysia 2011; Wonderful Malaysia 2012; Advameg 2012)

2.1.2 Geograpic Segmentation

Geographically, the target segment can be found and reached in Malaysia’s three major cities which are Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Johor Bahru. Table 2 :

(Adapted from:Malaysia Insurance Summit 2012; Interknowledge Corporation 2006; MyGovernment 2012; Institute of Southeast Asian Studies 2007; LEGO Group 2010; Musa 2012; The Star Online 2012)

2.1.3 Psychographic Segmentation

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