Tourism Marketing Communications Mix

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The strategy underlying marketing communications could be long term or short term. A tourism marketing communications strategy must encompass the promotion mix. Few forms of communications succeed on their own. The promotional mix is influenced by whether a company chooses a push, pull or profile strategy or a combination.


Using a pull strategy, the producer directs its marketing activities (primarily advertising and consumer promotion) towards final consumers to induce them to buy the product. If the pull strategy is effective, consumers will then demand the product from channel members, who will in turn demand it from producers. Thus under pull strategy, consumer demand 'pulls' the product through the channels. The pull strategy would have the ultimate buying public as its primary target. The aim would be, by such means as heavy consumer advertising to create a heavy demand for the product at retail level so that retailers and middlemen would place orders. The strategy then pulls goods through the shops from the consumer end. A pull strategy is a softer, but potentially more costly approach, where you encourage customer demand through things like advertising and promotions, such as free samples, coupons and competitions. This is a good strategy if product demand is high, customers use the brand as part of their purchase decision, or you can differentiate your product based on emotional feelings.

A push strategy involves 'pushing' the product through distribution channels to final consumers. The firm directs its marketing activities (primarily personal selling and trade promotion) towards channel members to induce them to carry the product and to promote it to final consumers. The push strategy identifies two target audiences based on their contribution to the marketing channel. The first are organizations or companies who do not...
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