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Managing Adventure & Sports Tourism Environments


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Managing Adventure & Sports Tourism Environments


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“Sports tourism can be defined as travels away from one’s primary residence to participate in sports activity for recreation or competition, travel to observe sport and grassroots or elite level. And travel to visit a sport attraction such as sports hall of fame or Water Park”. (Gibson, Attle, Yiannakis, 1997) On the other hand adventure tourism can be simply defined as Recreational travel including variety of rugged activities for adventure. Adventures and sports tourism can benefit economies by providing a fast source of income for local government and community, supporting the sustaining improvement and protection for environment and encouraging culture exchange between the developed countries and the developing world. If the undeveloped tourism destination do not focus on their tourism, it will be really hard for them to improve their poor situation of economic, environment and culture. Adventure and sports tourists can be attract for a certain destination by looking at the facilities and environment of that place such as; hotels services, price of goods in the area, transport services, travel agencies, guides, airlines, social and cultural aspects of life and most important sustainable natural resources. (Ralf Buckley, 2006)

A tourism sports destination can be attractive for many reasons; different types sports activities in big city or some time big sports events in small cities, beautiful islands or beach, recreation activities, sports activities for family fun etc. most of all a unique atmosphere of sport and adventure.

In perspective of West Cambria sports and adventures tourism it provides to tourists; Attractions which related to sports such as sports theme park, hiking, bungee jumping etc. West Cambria tourism site has highest mountain such as scafell, including stunning coastline and wastwater, also resorts can be include with sports tourism activities. According to Cumbria tourism statistics, each year 35 million day trippers and 5 million overnight visitors spend their night; Cumbria is a place where tourists get a chance to attend all the sports events.

As a developed and well established destination; the Ecological environment of sports and adventures tourism is not only about green tourism but also deeply related with socio culture with Cambria tourism.

Naturally sustainable environment of sports and adventures tourism in west Cambria also socio-culturally respectful and have a huge effect on both the natural environment and the human population including man made tourism destination. Sustainable environment of west Cambria tourism often involves locals of remote areas experience and interacting with foreigners.

Multi-Sport Activities: it is physical outdoor activities. Rafting, mountain biking, climbing, surfing, diving, etc. all offered in the same package. West Cambria tourism provides these sports facilities. Sports included in west Cambria: Angling, Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Baseball & Softball, Basketball, Boccia, Bowls, Canoeing, Cricket, Cycling, Dance, Disability Sports, Fencing, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Netball, Orienteering, Outdoor Activities, rounder, Rowing, Rugby, Running, Sailing & Windsurfing, Scuba & Snorkelling, Snow sports,...
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