Tourism in Turkey

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28 September 2012Team J (Group 4):
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Pamela Petkova
Byron Mason
Sándor Bara

Gitte Damgaard

Tourism in Turkey
Method Project (CA-2)
Marketing Management

1st Semester 2012
Business Academy Aarhus
Table of Contents

1. Introduction1
1.1 Problem Statement1
1.2 Delimitation1
1.3 Methodology2

2. Increase of tourism in Turkey since 20082
2.1 Explanation of increase in Turkish tourism 3

3. Effect of tourism on the Turkish economy 5
3.1 Economic recovery and law influence 5
3.2 Importance of the transport infrastructure 6
3.3 Costal tourism7

4. The Tourism Strategy of 20237

5. Conclusion9


Appendix 1: Number of arrivals in Turkey from 2008 – 2011
Appendix 2: Additional information related to the Law for the Encouragement Tourism
Appendix 3: Evaluation of opponent group
Appendix 4: Group evaluation

1. Introduction
The financial crisis in 2008 resulted in a lot of economic down falls. One of the consequences from the crisis was the severe effect it had on the international tourism sector. People lost their jobs and didn’t have any money to travel, investors were afraid of investing in anything because of the economical insecurity and therefore the numbers of tourists fell massively. Despite all of this, Turkey managed to gain profit from the tourism sector and wasn’t afraid to continue investing in it and actually increased its profit in tourism and continued to do so.

1.1 Problem statement
The purpose of the report is to figure out why the Turkish tourism increased despite of the economic crisis and how it will develop in the future.

The report will focus on:
·What is the reason for tourism increasing in Turkey, despite the financial crisis in 2008?
·How does tourism affect the Turkish economy?
·What plans does the government in Turkey have for tourism in the future?

1.2 Delimitation
Due to the focus area, the report is going to be based on the increase of tourism from 2008 to 2012, despite of the financial crisis in 2008.It would have been appropriate to mention additional and important factors which also influence Turkish tourism industry like the political situation in North African countries or terrorism factors, but due to the 10 page limit this was not possible.

1.3 Methodology
This report uses information gathered from different articles and reports to answer the questions mentioned in the problem statement. The report first looks at the increase of Turkish tourism in 2008 and describes what was done by the government to provide such an increase. For the analysis index numbers will be used to indicate the increase of arriving tourists in Turkey from 2008 to 2011. Secondly the focus is on the economic benefits of the increase and the impact the growth has had on the Turkish infrastructure. Lastly the report states what changes Turkey is currently doing and planning to do to encourage tourism and foreign investments. Figure 1.1 Structure of the report

Source: Group 4, 2012

2. Increase of tourism in Turkey since 2008
Turkey had, in an effort to increase the number of tourists coming to the country, increased tourism costs by 24.8% since 2009, but the revenue of tourism was still six times larger than the costs. (Gökmen, 2010) The reason for this might be that in 2009, 27 million tourists from around the world visited Turkey, which was an increase of 2.8% since 2008. (United Arab Emirates, 2010) The figure below (figure 2.1) shows this increase from 2008 to 2011 in index numbers.

Figure 2.1: Foreign tourist arrivals in Turkey 2008 – 2011 (in index numbers)

Source:Tourism statistics. Ministry of culture and tourism, retrieved 2011 (Appendix 1)

Out of all tourists around the world, the highest increase was found from tourists coming from countries of the Arab state of the Gulf (GCC countries), e.g. Kuwaiti tourists increased by 21.36%, United...
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