Tourism in the United Arab Emirates, Advantages and Disadvantages

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  • Published : May 20, 2012
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Tourism has made a big share in the United Arab Emirates’ income; it is one of the big changes that happened since the union of the emirates in 1971. The tourism boom has begun back in the eighties, when Dubai, yet a small city, became the destination for business investment for Arab and Khaleeji people. This rapid movement has affected the country. Here is a list of the main advantages and disadvantages of that.

The first distinguishable target for tourism is commercial. The country has set eases for foreigners who wanted to invest in the country. This strategy has led to a dramatic evolution in the country’s development which set the neighboring countries for the competition. The second target for tourism is political. A small and young country has written its name in the international debates, many countries around the world have made good relationships with the UAE. This has led to good reputation for the country.

The third target is social. The people of the UAE have learnt a lot about other countries’ morals and social habits, it is more than breaking the ice, and it is more like removing intolerance, misunderstanding and hate. This will also give the tourists and idea about the Emirati people, making a clear and reflective image about the citizens.

But what are the undesirable effects of tourism. Some people think that too much foreigners in the country would set it on a national crisis, things like the cultural mixture would let to the loss of international identity, a part of the country’s history that every generation should keep as long as the UAE exists.

Many Emiratis, especially elders, condemn the behavior of wearing jeans and making odd hairstyles. They think it is a “Western” value and a habit that came with the tourism. But more dangerous and extraneous values have arrived; some habits that interfere with our religious and national morals can make a hot and controversial topic, and cause many problems that we were indispensable of...
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