Tourism in the Philippines

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Executive Summary

Philippine Tourism indeed is one of the major contributors in our Gross Domestic Product. History shows that there are already long term developments of tourism in the Philippines that has been influenced by the interaction of both internal and external factors. Some of these factors include the relative attractiveness of the country over time, its proximity to markets, the availability of tourist infrastructure and superstructure, and the extent to which its role as a promoter of economic and social development is recognized.

For this research paper, the researchers analyzed the current situation on Philippine Tourism through pinpointing its internal and external factors that are affecting the said industry. To support these factors, matrices (such as SWOT matrix, Porter-5 matrix, etc.), tables and graphs are used by the group. Recommendations, alternative course of actions are also given by the group in line with the analyses that were made in this strategy paper. By doing these, the researchers would be able to help the tourism industry in analyzing what strategies are best applicable to be implemented.

In line with the group’s key findings, the group first conducted a brainstorming on what types of matrices are to be included in the paper. The group also make use of secondary data such as published articles, journals and news. Through this, the group started to discuss and formulate strategies that would help Philippine Tourism improve and be more competitive among all the tourism industry in the world.

Company Profile
The 2006 State of the Nation Address envisaged the Central Philippines to be the country’s premium tourist destination on account of its range of natural attraction and cultural heritage.

The Department of Tourism (DOT) shall be the primary government agency charged with the responsibility to encourage, promote, and develop tourism as a major socio-economic activity to generate foreign currency and employment and to spread the benefits of tourism to both the private and public sector.


To formulate an integrated sustainable tourism management plan for Central Philippines, identifying viable critical environmental, infrastructure and community-based projects to link and integrate the tourism development of the area.

In particular the Tourism Management Plan will:

1. Provide a comprehensive planning framework for the development of tourism so that it can play a key role in the development of the regional economy; 2. Elaborate a vision of the future direction and content of tourism development, which can help to focus and guide the actions of the various stakeholders towards a shared goal; 3. Identify areas for tourism development, related tourism facilities and supporting infrastructure; 4. Specify the major programs, roles and responsibilities of key players, institutional arrangements and resource requirements for achieving the vision.

Brief History

Philippine Tourism started its concept in the 1950s by the Philippine Tourist & Travel Association. It was not until1956 that the Board of Travel & Tourist Industry was created by law and in 1973 declared three of the most well-known tourist government agencies in the Philippines namely the largest of all Department of Tourism (DOT), followed by the Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA), and Philippine Convention Bureau (PCB).

The Department of Tourism is divided into 5 different sectors for its structure namely the Office of the Secretary; Tourism Promotions Sector; Tourism Services and Regional Offices Sector; Planning, Product and Development Coordination and Internal Service Sector. Each Sector has their own task assigned to them to ensure that all transactions will go smoothly as well as to continuously attract more markets not only in the Philippines but in foreign countries as well....
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