Tourism in New Zealand

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Part 1: Tourism in New Zealand

I have chosen to look at tourism in New Zealand because as a country they are very open, they want to attract a lot of visitors, and they also have many interesting tourism products available for a variety of people. New Zealand does a lot of advertising to young people looking to go backpacking and older people for the scenery. New Zealand’s economy does not rely on the tourism industry but it does play a big part of the income.

Part 1
1. Tourism Products
New Zealand tends to get a lot of active tourists, for example adventure tours, hiking tours, biking tours and family tours. These are aimed at the more fit and daring tourist ‘we'll take you to our mountains, rainforests, lagoons, fiords, volcanoes - and we'll walk, cycle and paddle through them. You don't have to be a tri-athlete to come on one of our trips - but you need to be interested in experiencing New Zealand's incredible scenery in an active manner! We take ordinary people, who may or may not have a great deal of experience in the outdoors, to the most scenic and rewarding parts of New Zealand.’1. This source is taken from a web site called activenewzealand, you can see they are trying to attract less active tourists to visit, by selling the scenery by using listing ‘mountains, rainforests, lagoons’ they are showing off what they have to offer, it is also easier for clients to remember things when they are in lists. Other tourists are lot more adventurous however as there are tours which you can take which involve you going white-water rafting, bungy jump, cave-tubing, spa hot pools, jet boat up narrow rivers, abseiling, mountain biking, tandem parachuting (all these activities are taken from a travel brochure called new Zealand the complete guide from 1st class holidays 2). Other products for the less extreme tourists could include renting a motor home, this is generally done by older tourists who have just come to...
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