Tourism in 2032

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Tourism in 2032

~ Trends / developments which influence tourism in 2032 ~

~ Conclusion ~

How will the tourism industry be in 2032, what have been the changes over the years and what is still the same as in 2012, let’s have a look.

~ Trends / developments which influence tourism in 2032 ~

To look at the future of tourism we have to know the future is continuous with the present and looking to that we can predict what could happen: Extremes of money differences between societies and uncertainty about the future (Corrigan, 2007) but climate changes and shortages of oil are as well possibilities for problems in the future. Mintel (2006), calculated if people still enjoy tourism in the future, based on present facts. How many people took an international holiday? * 1950 25 million people.

* 2005 803 million people.
* 2032 1.9 billion people.
Annual growth of 6%.
If we look at those figures we can see the tourism industry adapts to the future and needs, without big problems tourism will just carry on. According to Yeoman (2008), Holidays are about experiences and places, the places will change but the experiences will fundamentally be the same. Tourism in 2012 is possible everywhere, from the North Pole to the South Pole and everywhere in between. Also the idea of borderless travel via the Schengen Agreement (Treaty) has created greater mobility for Europeans by travelling through Europe with no internal border controls (Cini, 2007). Is this still possible, used or maybe enlarged? Is tourism really adapting to the future? Down here I stated my opinion about how I see changes for tourism until 2032. First of all, what didn’t change in tourism within 20 years. Many tourists used to travel internationally and visit campsites to enjoy their holidays. In 2032 people will still do that but with a more nostalgia meaning of the holiday. It’s seen as a historic type of tourism and many people from my generation,...
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