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One Day Tour in Beijing
—explore old Beijing culture
This essay describes how the one day tour in Beijing inner city would look like guiding the guests/tourists about the information that shows on the brochure and a further explanation of it. Theory of authenticity of tourism and tourist typology, motivation and determination are linked together with the brochure which would be expounded as well.

Table of Content
Table of Content2
Definition of tourism3
Highlights and plans of the day tour3
Theories link to brochure3
Authenticity of the day tour3
Theory of authenticity3
Link to brochure4
Tourist typology of the day tour4
Theory of typology4
Link to brochure5
Tourist motivation of the day tour5
Theory of motivation5
Link to brochure6
Tourist determinant6
Theory of determinant6
Link to brochure7
Reference List7

Definition of tourism
Tourism is the sum of all relationships and phenomenon that happened during the travel and visit to a destination where people are away from their natural habitat for a spiritual relaxation or different culture experiences. They will not stay in that specific destination for more than one continuous year, and they will not mainly be engaged in the activities of making money. Tourism is also the study of how the industry reacts to tourist need’s as well as the impact they have on the host, no matter it is on the economic, culture or environment aspect. Based on this theory, this essay is to organize a day tour of Beijing inner city China, address highlights of this trip and explain the theory of authenticity, motivation, determinant and typology that has been applied in the brochure. (Weaver & Lawton, 2010)

Highlights and plans of the day tour
This designed day tour is culture oriented, instead of taking tourist’s to the places of historic interest only, we intend to present them the old Beijing culture, such as the ancient Hutong culture, the old Beijing snacks, and the Rear Sea Bar which have became a habit or landmark of Beijing folks looking for traditional Beijing memories. By showing tourists these impressions, we arrange a day tour which start’s from the Palace Museum, then the Allay Tour, then the Rear Sea Bar, so that our day-trippers can have a chance to fully experiencing an abundant and authentic Chinese culture and meanwhile indulging their appetite.

Theories link to brochure
Authenticity of the day tour
Theory of authenticity
The free dictionary explains authenticity as ‘The quality or condition of being authentic, trustworthy, or genuine’. While in terms of tourism it is called the front stage or performance area that makes travelers think what they have been offered /showed by all kinds of media and exactly what they are supposed to see during their visit to the destination. Since the contemporary media in the tourism industry including newspaper, radio channel, television, website, journal and travel agency, uses a lot of inauthentic information of the tourist attractions, in which they may beautify and exaggerate the image or introduction of the tourism destination, culture, economic and environment may involved as well, makes the tourists who reach the back stage or the real life realize that it is not what they actually expected, or made them feel that they were not delivered what they expected. However, there is an increasing demand of the authenticity among the tourists, meaning that they want to know what real experience in that specific destination is, they want to learn what the real culture is and to experience the real life of the local people. (The Free Dictionary, 2012) Link to brochure

Therefore, this day tour is intended to bring tourists to the real life of old Beijing folks just as it shown in the brochure. We will start from the Palace Museum or the Forbidden City. It is one of the five largest existing royal palace complex in the world...
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