Tourism Dubai

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  • Published : August 18, 2013
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Tourism Dubai
Palm Island Dubai (Jumeirah Palm Island) is an ambitious real-estate development named as the 8th wonder of the world as it can be seen from the Great Wall of China. The first of three Palm Island Dubai projects (Jumeirah) commenced the handovers to owners in November 2006. Dubai Tree Palm Island was the first manmade Island of Dubai; it was built in the shape of a Date Palm Tree. Jebel Ali is an industrial free trade zone of Dubai. The theme of Palm Island in Jebel Ali is entertainment, plans are underway to build theme parks and other forms of entertainment, Palm Island Jebel Ali is bigger than Jumeirah Palm Island. Palm Island Deira is going to be the third man-made island to be added to the collection. It is the commercial capital in Dubai and is built on the edge of Deira beach, this is going to be the largest Island out of the three, the theme for Palm Island Deira is residential and will include residential properties, marina’s, shopping malls and sporting facilities. Jumeirah Palm Island Palm Island Deira

The three artificial palm tree-themed islands projects that are nearing completion, The World is a heady $14 billion endeavour, consisting of 300 individual islands arranged to mimic the shape of the globe's landmasses. Ranging in size from five to 20 acres, and with 50 to 100 meters of water separating each island, the total area encompasses just over 20 square miles. The development is located about two and a half miles off the coast of Dubai city. Islands go for $7 million to $35 million each. The World and Palm projects create a highly visible impression on the landscape of Dubai. And back down at sea level, significant changes in the marine environment are leaving a visual scar of another type. As a result of the dredging and redepositing of sand for the construction of the islands, the typically crystalline waters of the gulf of Dubai have become severely clouded with silt. Construction activity is...