Tourism Development in Belarus

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Tourism development in the Republic of Belarus

September 2012
Table of Contents
Research question4
Research objectives5
Literature review5
Tourism from a Global Perspective6
Republic of Belarus as Tourism Destination6
1. Tourism Development in Belarus.8
2. Current Tourism Conditions and Infrastructure in the Republic of Belarus9
3. Belarus National tourism Strategy for Agro-tourism11
4. Problems the Belarusian tourism is facing.13
4.1. Visa regime13
4.2. Luck of information about Belarus as a destination14
4.3. Difference between the number of outbound and inbound tourists14
4.4. Luck of English signs and maps within the country14
4.5. Economic recession 201114
5. Conclusions and Recommendations15

The purpose of the study is to investigate the development of tourism in Belarus. The main question of my project is: to identify the problems of tourism development in Belarus. While doing this research, I identified on which stage of development tourism industry is in the Republic of Belarus. Mostly, I looked at the most developed areas of Belarus, such as North- East and South- West, as culturally and economically they are more developed then other areas. All the evidences in my research show the lack of development in tourism in the Republic of Belarus. At current development stage, there are still policies and recommendations to be implemented to attract more foreign tourists. In order to improve it, the basic thing that should be done by the government is to increase the tourist attractiveness of the region and all the products they can offer to the travelers. The main implementation of the tourism development in Belarus is to create such a beautiful country Belarus as a tourist area, accessible to all tourists from all over the world and to make for them special and unforgettable experience.

Tourism plays one of the main roles in the world’s economy providing one tenth of the world's gross national product. This sector of the economy is developing at a rapid pace and in the next few years will be the most important industry. “Over the past six decades, tourism has experienced continued growth and diversification to become one of the largest and fastest growing economic sectors in the world.” (UNWTO, 2012) This project is a small research on the development of tourism in the Republic of Belarus and on which stage of development this country is now, and how it affects social and cultural environment and ecology. I have tried to focus my attention on such question as: to identify the problems of tourism development in Belarus and does the operating model of involvement in tourism in Belarus have reason to be realized. The main conclusion which will be done in my research is that the stage, where the Belarusian tourism is now, need to involve long term plan. The government should have an action plan of how to attract the tourists and how to make them come back to the country for holidays and provide the most hospitable experience. As well as government should ensure not only how to create a positive image of the country, but how to make tourism as a main source of the revenue.

Research question
The research is to examine and investigate developments of tourism in Belarus. I will focus on past and present stages of tourism developments in this country. However, the main research question is what are the problems the Belarusian tourism is facing.

Research objectives
- To examine current tourism development in Belarus 2012.

- To identify the problems of the tourism developments in Belarus and make suggestions to their establishment and operations.

- To identify impacts of tourism developments on tourism superstructure (e.g. hotels, travel agencies, tour operators and etc.) of Belarus.

Literature review
This chapter discusses published information on the topic of the...
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