Tourism - by Adrian Franklin

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Tourism: An Introduction

Adrian Franklin

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For Daisy Franklin 1898±


List of Figures 1 Introduction

viii 1 19 21 38 63 95 97 136 176 211 213 250 265 281 292

PART ONE: QUESTIONS AND SCOPE 2 3 4 What is tourism? The foundations and traces of modern tourism Elaborations of tourism

PART TWO: OBJECTS AND RITUALS 5 6 7 Tourist objects, tourist rituals Objects and rituals of seaside Objects and rituals of heritage

PART THREE: THE EMBODIED TOURIST 8 9 Tourisms of body and nature Sex and tourism

10 Conclusion ± A world of tourism References Index

List of ®gures

1.1 1.2 3.1 3.2 3.3 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 6.1 6.2 6.3 7.1 7.2 8.1 8.2 10.1

Fairground `Frisbee' Bush walking in the wilderness Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square, London Salad Ware by Terence Conran Riviera by Sir Hugh Casson Tourist tapa, Fiji The Palace Pier, Brighton The Beatles Story, Albert Dock, Liverpool Ellis Island Steam Train at Rothley, UK Blackpool Sea Front Jungle River Ride The Ruin of Corfe Castle, Dorset The Shambles, York Sur®ng Climbing Robin Hood statue

13 14 41 54 55 109 121 127 131 148 154 170 181 185 236 238 268

Not surprisingly, then, tourism in Boston does not stand far apart from the city's other commercial, cultural and recreational activities; to a great extent then it is absorbed into the daily life of the city. Ehrlich and Dreier (1999: 157)

I may have noticed a few birds careering through the air in matinal excitement, but my awareness of them was weakened by a number of other, incongruous and unrelated elements, among these, a sore throat that I had developed during the ¯ight, a worry at not having informed a colleague that I would be away, a pressure across both temples and a rising need to visit the bathroom. A momentous but until then overlooked fact was making its ®rst appearance: that I had inadvertently brought myself with me to the island. De Botton (2002: 17±20)

No changing of place at a hundred miles an hour will make us one whit stronger, happier or wiser. John Ruskin, quoted in De Botton (2002: 222)


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Tourism: Key questions for the twenty-®rst century Tourism as an ordering of globalisation Sensing tourism Tourism and everyday life Tourism and rituals of transformation Tourism and `fast time' Structure of the book



Tourism: Key questions for the twenty-®rst century This book is an up to date guide to understanding the theory, practice, development and effects of tourism. It considers general theories of tourism to be inadequate on their own and goes on to develop a new approach that recognises tourism as a complex set of social and cultural phenomena. This approach requires a variety of theoretical perspectives, a theoretical pluralism, that can make sense of its various connections and engagements within the constantly changing social and cultural milieux of modernity. Unlike some approaches this book does not view tourism as merely based on the pleasurability of the unusual and the different. Instead, tourism is...
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