Tourism and Planning: Southern District

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Tourism and Planning project assignment

Selected Area: Southern District

Table of Contents
Environment Scanning3
Environment Friendliness3
Social-cultural Importance4
Policy Review5
Master Redevelopment Plan for Ocean Park6
Aberdeen Tourism Project6
MTR South Island Line (East)8
Resource and Facilities Survey9
Natural resources9
Cultural Resources11
Market survey and demand analysis14
Drawbacks of Southern District15
Natural resources19
Cultural attractions20
Southern District Literature Trail23
Appendix I: Site of resources and facilities30


The Southern District is located at the southern part of Hong Kong Island, with area of around 4 000 hectares. There are quite a lot of tourism resources in terms of natural and cultural. Due to the development of the MTR South Island Line (East), relating tourism projects such as Aberdeen Tourism Project are carried out. As a result, potential tourism resources could be further explored and fully utilized in the Southern District (Southern District Office, 2012).

The following are the objectives of this study:

1. To identify the existing tourism facilities and policies in Southern District 2. To identify and analysis the drawbacks of Southern District. 3. To find out the potential for tourism development in Southern District. 4. To provide recommendations for the tourism development in Southern District.

The study will first provide background information of the Southern District and the methodology of our study. Secondly, result on environment scanning and review of government policies will be presented. Thirdly, resource and facilities in the Southern District will be identified. Fourthly, market characteristics and demand in the Southern District will be analyzed. Fifthly, drawbacks of the Southern District will be identified and discussed. Finally, recommendations for the tourism development in the Southern District will be provided and conclusions will be drawn.


Data was collected from primary and secondary sources. Primary data was collected from two field trips on 24 October 2012 and 25 November 2012. The first field trip aims to collect information from Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau and the second one aims to collect information from Stanley. The secondary data was collected from academic resources and government reports including journal articles, Hong Kong Tourism Board tourist statistics and websites relating to the Southern District.

The data collected was being analyzed as to identify the drawbacks of Southern District. Primary data collected was used to analyze the existing problem in Aberdeen, Ap Lei Chau and Stanley. Secondary data was used to provide supporting information for the study. Recommendations were provided base on the above analysis as to minimize the drawbacks and strengthen the tourism industry in Southern District.

Environment Scanning

Environment Friendliness
Southern District is a place with numerous natural resources. Four country parks and twelve public beaches are located at the district. These four country parks occupy nearly 70 percent of the Southern District. Besides, the Southern District is the district with most beaches in Hong Kong. Thus, the large area of natural resources would have a great potential on the development of eco-tourism.

Apart from the beautiful natural scenery, there are some old factories in Wong Chuk Hang which has been closed down and restored into hotels (. It can improve the air quality of the district as well as providing more choice of accommodation in Southern District. Besides, Ocean Park, which is the largest theme park in Hong Kong, also concern about the natural environment. It aims to increase the public awareness on natural...
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