Tourism and Indigenous People

Topics: Tourism, Environment, Cordillera Administrative Region Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: March 8, 2013
According to the introduction in the paper about Sagada, Indigenous people or community especially those in the Third World became the target for Ecotourism because of their diverse and undisputed environment and because ecotourism is pushed as one of the factors that might develop the Third World’s economy and to promote environmental conservation. Contradictory to what ecotourism is what about, the indigenous people do not agree with it saying that it made their community transform instead into something commercialized damaging their traditional community. According to them those tourism models involving them are much successful if they are the ones who planned it because they consider that they have more expertise on that since it’s their culture, traditions, and community as subject. After two conferences held in different locations, it has been agreed they needed a participative planning mechanism in order for them to achieve a balanced economy, environment, equitable, and social benefit without having negative impacts and destructing the indigenous people’s community. II.Analysis, reaction, and critique

Sagada is one of the top three tourism destination in the region of CAR. Among the three it is considered to be the least improved in terms of tourism facilities. It is also believed that the tourism scene there is unplanned and was brought because of the increasing demand of the tourists and the possible opportunities that the local community will benefit from. There were a lot of benefits since the start of Sagada to become one of the tourism destinations but along with it are the negative impacts in different aspects. The government proposed a plan regarding the development of the area but the community declined the offer. Since it is unplanned the distribution of income became a problem. Only those with capital have the chance to experience what the development of this area can give back in a community where a lot of the locals are poor...
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