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Tourism and Economy

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  • March 2011
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The Tourism sector of Indian economy is at present experiencing a huge growth. The Tourism sector of Indian economy has become one of the major industrial sectors under the Indian economy. The tourism industry earns foreign exchanges worth Rs. 21,828 crore. Previous year the growth rate of the tourism sector of Indian economy was recorded as 17.3% . The growth in the tourism industry is due to the rise in the arrival of more and more foreign tourists and the increase in the number of domestic tourists. Tourists from Africa, Australia, Lain America, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc are visiting India and their are growing by the thousands every year. Indian Tourism offers a potpourri of different cultures, traditions, festivals, and places of interest. There are a lot of options for the tourists. India is a country with rich cultural and traditional diversity. This aspect is even reflected in its tourism. The different parts of the country offers wide variety of interesting places to visit. While the international tourism is experiencing a decelerated growth, the Indian counterpart is not affected. The factors for the growth of the Tourism sector of Indian economy Increase in the general income level of the populace

Aggressive advertisement campaigns on the tourist destinations Rapid growth of the Indian economy
The objectives of the National Action Plan for Tourism
Socio economic development of areas
Increase in the opportunities for employment
Development of the domestic tourism for the middle class segment of the society Preservation and restoration of the national heritage and environment Developing international tourism
Promotion of tourism based product diversification
Increasing the Indian share in global tourism

As per Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) for India, tourism contributed 5.83 per cent of total Gross Domestic Product and 8.27 per cent of total employment in the...

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