Tourism and Culture

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Culture and tourism

1. Culture and Tourism
1.1 Definition
Culture comprises of “the beliefs, behaviors, objects, and other characteristics common to the members of a particular group or society” (1). Through culture, people discover their true identity, adapt to social norms and play a vital part in contributing to the society. Therefore, culture consists of several aspects of the society such as language, values, customs, norms, and so on. On the other hand, tourism consists of the practice or act of an individual or a group of people travelling to and staying in other destinations away from their home for less than a year for business, leisure and other purposes. It has a direct impact on the total national income for all countries which participate in tourism and also helps to increase employment and boost the performance and cultures of a country.

1.2 Interaction of culture and tourism in Singapore
The cultural diversity of Singapore is one of the main factors heavily contributing to its success of being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Singapore is a multi-ethnic society comprising of different racial groups such as Indian, Malay, Chinese and Westerners. As a result, the country embraces a cosmopolitan culture and this also serves as a key attraction for tourists. The Singapore Government has always stressed on the importance of social harmony of the various ethnic groups hence, that ethnicity has created a base to the tourism development in Singapore. An example of how the Government leverages culture to promote and develop tourism in Singapore is through the establishment and conservation of the ethnic quarters – Little India, Chinatown, Kampong Glam and Geylang Serai. These areas are known to be rich in culture and heritage. Each ethnic quarter showcases the distinctive features of the different racial groups and this encourages tourists from all around world to visit Singapore to experience this unique and vibrant aspect of the country. Based on the ethnic quarters, the Government is seen to be developing more of an Asian culture within Singapore to avoid Western influence as there is a greater showcase of Indian, Chinese and Islamic values and traditions. By visiting these cultural attractions, tourists will be able to enhance their knowledge on the various cultures apart from their Western culture and appreciate the ethnic diversity of Singapore. Hence, there is an interaction of culture and tourism as the unique culture of Singapore, being an essence of Asia, is a main reason for tourists to visit Singapore.

1.3 Key tourist attractions
Apart from shopping and dining, there are many popular attractions in Singapore which help to increase tourist arrivals. One of the well-known attractions would be the two integrated resorts which include a casino; Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa. Other famous attractions will include the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, the civil district and Botanic Gardens.

2. Food and drink tourism
2.1 Food and drink tourism in Singapore
Singapore is well recognized as a food paradise, providing an extensive array of both local and international cuisines, all with a different ethnic touch. From its famous hawker centers to fine-dining restaurants, Singaporeans as well as tourists are able to taste the various delicious signature dishes of Singapore. For instance, ‘laksa’, chicken rice and ‘roti prata’. The growth of the food and drink industry can also be reflected by the establishment of celebrity restaurants at both Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa. As such, food and drink tourism is a well flourishing sector of the tourism industry in Singapore. 2.1 Definition and types of cultural tourists

Cultural tourists can be grouped into three categories. The first would be ‘culturally-motivated’ tourists. It consists of a small group of people who are more educated and financially stable, and are motivated specifically by the...
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