Tourism and Beach Resort

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Beach resort is one of the places use for relaxation or recreation through attracting visitors during holidays and vacations. The beach resort attempts to provide for most of a vacationer's wants while remaining on the premises such as food, drink, lodging, sports, entertainment, and shopping. The researcher chose the Malabrigo beach resort as his site for this paper. Malabrigo beach resortis an unknown beach. It lies on a spacious half hectare property facing Verde Island and Mindoro Island. The water is crystal clear especially during summer. Several areas of the Malabrigo coast are protected marine life sanctuaries which makes it a perfect place for snorkling and scuba diving. Also, the century-old Punta Malabrigo Lighthouse is just a 15 minute hike up a cliff which rewards a spectacular view of the ocean. The ambiance in the beach resort is peaceful and relaxed. Shady trees are abundant with hammocks in between where you can enjoy or simply take a nap. The beach front is very clean and very well maintained. Since Malabrigo beach resort is just a simple beach and not famous, the researcher will propose or suggest more improvements that would help the beach resort to be well-known.

Objectives & goals
* Beach resort is a recreation and relaxation venue that aims * To entertain its domestic and foreign customers with total customer service at reasonable costs.  * To maximize the benefits of available telecommunications and internet technology to expand our market and promote tourism in the Philippines. * To provide employees with decent living and working conditions and an environment where they feel valued and happy.  * To promote efficiency, courtesy and fairness. 

Current Data:
* From Research
* According to MedzCajanding, last January 2010 they went in MalabrigoBatangas and she said that “Wonderful place. We just hope they will finish the road soon, to encourage even more tourists to visit. Malabrigo is good for trekking, the road is all zigzaggy and the view along the way is fabulous”. * Last June 2011 there’s an anonymous person said that “grabegandang place puntana kayo. These place is so relaxing. I never forget after playing dota with my co-workers past midnight waiting for others in makati for rendezvous… hahahim so excited to see the actual place and feel the warm and sunny beach. As i expected it’s really great and relaxing. nakakaalisngpagod. kahitnanakakatakotangdaandahilmatarik…. kapalitnamananggandang place”.

Driving directions:
From SLEX, take the new Star Toll Highway and exit at Batangas City. ( approx. 2hr drive from Sucat exit ) Turn left going towards city proper and take the road going to Lobo town ( If you see Pontefino hotel you are on the right direction – approx 45 min drive ) Upon reaching Lobo town, take road leading to Bo. Malabrigo.Its about 7kms away. ( approx 15 min drive) There will be signs pointing you to Malabrigo Beach Resort or simply ask any friendly Loboans for directions.

Definition of the Tourism Product:

• Tourism Markets:

The market situation of the beach resort industry in the Philippines will depend on the climate in the Philippines, people’s interest, people’s income, and popularity of the resort.

1. Climate in the Philippines
* Philippines is a tropical country. The beach resort become in demand during dry season and summer vacation. Filipinos and Foreigners spends their time going to resort or even make a reservation because they wanted to be relax. 2. People’s interest

* People visit the beach resort because they want to spend their time on it, to have a peaceful mind, to be relaxed, unwind and for a reasonable purpose like: * to celebrate the debut,
* weddings,
* baptismal,
* and many more.
3. People’s income
* People earn different income depending on the jobs they have. Some people who earn 20k-50k monthly have the capacity...
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