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  • Published : August 13, 2010
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Salen, Laiden Diaz

1.1Tourism as an academic field of study

a.) Obstacles development:
The emergence of tourism as a legitimate area of investigation within the university sector is a recent and ongoing development, and one that has encountered many obstacles.

1.2Tourism as an academic field of study
>Tourism perceived as a trivial activity
>Large-scale tourism as a recent activity
>Tourism perceived as a vocational field of study
>Lack of clear definitions and reliable data
>Lack of indigenous theory or a strong academic tradition

1.3Tourism as an academic field of study
|Unintegrated input Fusion of perspectives | |of perspectives from -----------( from various discipline | |various discipline |

| | |Tourism = 1. Multidisciplinary 1. Interdisciplinary | |2. A field of study ------( 2. A discipline in its own right | | |

|An area of emphasis -------( A systematic, rigorous Academic field with its own | |. theories and methodologies | | |...
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