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Tourism in South Carolina
Amanda Kyle Williams said: “You learn to forgive (the South) for its narrow mind and growing pains because it has a huge heart. You forgive the stifling summers because the spring is lush and pastel sprinkled, because winter is merciful and brief, because corn bread and sweet tea and fried chicken are every bit as vital to a Sunday as getting dressed up for church, and because any southerner worth their salt says please and thank you. It's soft air and summer vines, pine woods and fat homegrown tomatoes. It's pulling the fruit right off a peach tree and letting the juice run down your chin. It's a closeted and profound appreciation for our neighbors in Alabama who bear the brunt of the Bubba jokes. The South gets in your blood and nose and skin bone-deep. I am less a part of the South than it is part of me. It's a romantic notion, being overcome by geography. But we are all a little starry-eyed down here. We're Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara and Rosa Parks all at once.”  What is it that South Carolina has to offer in tourism? Why is it that people visit the state of South Carolina? What effects does South Carolina have on people socially and culturally? The usage of the land in South Carolina has changed greatly. In the low country areas where plantations used to be prevalent and used to produce cotton, rice, and tomatoes, the usage has changed to tourist attractions, hotels and vacation homes. South Carolina is a great place for vacation and is especially known for golf. The weather is preferred amongst most people who visit the area. There is a rich history especially in the city of Charleston. The coast of South Carolina is heavily populated with tourists. South Carolina is full of waterways, gardens, and parks. There is the beautiful Congaree Park in South Carolina. Most of all South Carolina has to offer a great deal of southern hospitality. History of Tourism in South Carolina

The outdoor activities are what first attracted...
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