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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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HND Travel and Tourism

Unit 9 Tourism Destinations
Claudia Batalha

Tourism Destinations

Top international destiniations and tourim generators

Top 10 international destinations in 2009
Rank| Country| International tourist arrivals|
1| France| 74.2 million|
2| United States| 54.9 million|
3| China | 52.2 million|
4| Spain| 50.9 million|
5| Italy| 43.2 million|
6| United Kingdom| 28.0 million|
7| Turkey| 25.5 million|
8| Germany| 24.2 million|
9| Malaysia| 23.6 million|
10| Mexico| 21.5 million|


Top 10 international destinations in 2010

Rank| Country| International tourist arrivals|
1| France| 76.8 million|
2| United States| 59.8 million|
3| China | 55.7 million|
4| Spain| 52.7 million|
5| Italy| 43.6 million|
6| United Kingdom| 28.1 million|
7| Turkey| 27.0 million|
8| Germany| 26.9 million|
9| Malaysia| 24.6 million|
10| Mexico| 22.4 million|


The rankings are made by the United Nations World Tourism Organization(UNWTO), which is released three times per year. It is ranked both by the number of visitors and tourism income generated. From the table we can see that all the rankings position remains the same but in 2010 the figures slightly increases a little bit which means the all over tourism industry has a small growth in terms of tourism revenue and visitor numbers. According to the UNWTO, the international tourism generated 60.6 billion pounds of income, which has a 6% growth in revenue from 2009, and nearly a 7% growth in visitor numbers in a total of 94 million.

Top 10 tourism generators in 2010
Rank| Country| UNWTO
Market| International
1|  Germany| Europe| $77.7 billion|
2|  United States| North America| $75.5 billion|
3|  China| Asia| $54.9 billion|
4|  United Kingdom| Europe| $48.6 billion|
5|  France| Europe| $39.4 billion|
6|  Canada| North America| $29.5 billion|
7|  Japan| Asia| $27.9 billion|
8|  Italy| Europe| $27.1 billion|
9|  Russia| Europe| $26.5 billion|
10|  Australia| Oceania| $22.5 billion|

The major tourism generating countries are those in the high mass consumption stage of economic development. Countries reaching the drive to maturity stage and become more significant generating markets. Most of the leading generators are from Western economies, this is because: - more disposable income

- new tourists
- wanting to go to Eastern countries because no visa needed
- everyone has been their own individuals
- leaving to Asia, Africa and Egypt to try out new experiences.

International Flows

Historical Trend
- in 1950s, the growth of tourism had fallen dramatically because of the 2nd World War - 1960s demand increased as the world developed because there were richer countries - 1970s international arrivals increased although there was an economic recession - 1980s market moved to maturity so it slowed down

- 1990s severely depressed in international travel because of the Gulf War. Growth of arrivals got stronger because of the appearance of new destinations, tourism grew substantially in 2000 to reach 700 million international arrivals. - 2000s 911 which depressed travel and further shock of Bali bombings 2002 and Iraq war 2003.

Current Tourism Trend
Tourism has become, nowadays, one of the largest industries in the world. In 1984, international tourist arrivals were above 300 million and the total value of the global tourism industry was above 100 billion for first time. Twenty two years later, in 2006, the sector generated 10.3 % of World Gross Domestic Product (GDP), providing 234...
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