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WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE COMING TO MAURITIUS ... This is because of the very effective efforts of the government to combat these diseases. ... If you bringelectrical appliances with you then you will probably need an adaptor. 2. [PDF] 

History of malaria in Mauritius - Ministry of Health and Quality of Life
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COMMUNICABLE DISEASES CONTROL UNIT. COMMUNICABLE ... MALARIA INMAURITIUS. There were no declared cases of malaria in Mauritius during the period of French .... island's geography and tourism industry. Mauritius is ... 3. Prostitution in Mauritius Today
Prostitution in Mauritius is an issue which has caused controversy cross-culturally and... At one time in history, due to sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, ... by the authorities and governments because the tourism industry brings in an ... 4. Tourist spends £3,000 to bring home stray dog she found on the ... May 18, 2012 – British tourist spends £3,000 to bring home stray dog she found on beach in ... Rescued: Jean Paul the dog on the beach in Mauritius ...... annually through diabetes, cancer and heart disease, study claims · Attack: A dog ... 5. [PDF] 

National Forest Policy - Government of Mauritius
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national heritage, while at the same time promoting recreation and tourism. ... Events outside the sector create new possibilities for improvement, but also bring ......diseases. Mauritius and Rodrigues are exposed to recurrent cyclones and ... 6. [PDF] 

Budget Speech - Government of Mauritius
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Jan 1, 2013 – Last year at this time, Mauritius was facing one of the biggest economic challenges .... measures which helped to bring down the price of internet. The cost of.... In the tourism industry, the trends in 2012 demonstrate clearly the benefits ..... Mr Speaker, Sir, non communicable diseases such as diabetes are a ... 7. [PDF] 

Debate No 01 of 2012 - National Assembly File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
John Michaël Tzoun Sao Yeung Sik Yuen Minister of Tourism and Leisure. Hon. ...WHEREAS by section 56 (1) of the Constitution of Mauritius it is provided that the .....the level of para-statal efficiency and bring expenditure under control. ..... Non-Communicable Diseases and to address the socio-economic impact of ... 8. Mauritius Tourism
Tourism is vital for Mauritius Island through the income it brings by consumptions of services and goods. Tourists coming to the island need accommodation so ... 9. [PDF] 
Layout 4 - Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms
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The remarkable economic success of Mauritius, in a difficult and highly ... opportunities that globalization brings to our shores. I convey ..... Tourism and Leisure Division, Ministry of Tourism, Leisure and External ... Diseases are investigated. 10. The mauritian tourism industry with a focus on the liberalization of its ... › Essays › Tourism

Above and beyond the many benefits it brings to the island, tourism also has ... theMauritian citizen and most alarming is the spread of disease; prostitution as ...

Exploitation of natural resources
The Environmental Effects of Tourism in the Western Indian Ocean Feb28 065.jpg
Islands located in the Western Indian...
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