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Trinidad and Tobago offers travellers a unique experience like no other. People explore out islands rich: culture, history and biodiversity. Travellers always seem to find their accommodation because we offer villas, bed and breakfast or hotels. We also have many different events during the year. We are also considered by having some of the most beautiful hotels such as: Royal Hotel, Piarco Hotel, Mount Plaisir, Jasmine’s Ocean Resort and others. Some beautiful beaches tourists may like to visit are: Maracas, Las Cuevas, Mayaro, Toco, and Mathura. Other places such as: El Cerro Del Aripo, Mud Vulcanoes, Carenage, Fort George, Light Houses. Asa Wright Nature Centre and the Pitch Lake. Yes it is true, it is said when you dig pitch in this lake it always full back up. Events in Trinidad and Tobago:

* New Year’s Celebration February:
* Carnival
* Hosay
* Turtle Nesting
* Phagwah
* Shouter Baptist
* Goat and Crab Races
* Carib International Fishing
* Pan Ramajay
* Indian Arrival Day
* Hosay
* Tobago Heritage Festival
* Emancipation Day
* Independence Day
* Pan Jazz Festival
* Christmas
* Boxing Day

According to the Central Statistical Office, Trinidad and Tobago received 442,555 air arrivals in 204 and a 8.2% increase every year. Of these, 86% (352.926) visited Trinidad and 14% (56143) visited Tobago. 65% of air arrivals in 2004 visited the destination for leisure purposes. 18% for business and 17% for other. TT $28.3 billion would be spent by Tourists to Trinidad and Tobago or more. 34,000 jobs were created directly.

65,000 jobs were created indirectly.
The visitor economy overall generates about 14% of the country’s income, more than agriculture, more than manufacturing and more than construction. The tourism industry targets:
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