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1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11 Objectives Introduction The Tourist Transport System: A Framework for Analysis Development of Means of Transport Road Transport Rail Transport Water Transport Air Transport Role of Transport in Tourism Concept of Transportation Let Us Sum Up Clues to Answers

A tourist can travel by a variety of means. Hence, it is necessary for both – the tourist as well as the tourism professional to familiarise themselves with the various modes of transport. After reading this Unit, you will be able to: • • • • learn the stages of development of various modes of transport, identify the different modes of transport, appreciate the importance of transport in the promotion of tourism, and understand the need of a national transport policy.

Transport contributes significantly to our socio-economic needs. Transport industry has acquired a fundamental place in the global network system by facilitating mobility of persons and goods from one place to another through various modes of transportation. The development of tourism depends on the transport industry. A tourist always thinks of safe, comfortable and convenient mode of transport. And of course, cost and time are also important considerations while deciding on the mode of travel. Here lies the challenge before the transport industry to attract the tourist by offering suitable means of travel as per their requirements. This Unit starts with a brief discussion on the development of various means of transport in their historical setting. It goes on to explain the major modes of transport available in India and their relevance. The role of transport in tourism and the need for national transport policy are the other issues that have also been discussed in this Unit.



You may always like to visit and experience your dream destination. While narrowing down on your choice of destination the foremost question to be answered would be how do you go? And, you ought to decide on the mode of transport. The decision of a tourist regarding the choice of the mode of travel will depend on a variety of factors like: • • • • availability of different modes of travel, cost to be incurred, type of experience, and journey time, etc.

You take a decision only after comparing these various factors. Of course, there are situations when there is no choice and one has to depend on the only mode available. To understand the complexity and relationship which co-exist between tourism and transport you need to build a framework which can synthesise the different factors and processes affecting the organisation, operation and management of activities, associated with tourist travel. The objective for such a framework would be to understand how tourists interact with transport and what factors and processes are involved in such interaction. Because this interaction would make its overall impact on tourists’ experience, this framework also incorporates use of transport services by tourists from pre-travel booking stage through to the completion of journey while recognising the importance of service component. Not only this, it also needs to incorporate different modes of transport used by tourists:

Outbound Tourist Flow Tourist Generating Area Returning Tourist Flow Tourist Destination

If we look at the tourism system model above given by Simmons and Leiper (1993) it becomes quite clear that input here is tourist decision to travel and movement to destination and output would be tourist holiday experience. From another model given by Leiper it is also evident that a system can also be seen as a set of elements or parts that are connected to each other by at least one distinguishing principle. According to him following are the elements of a tourism system: a) tourists, b) a traveller-generating region, c) tourism...
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